Making the most of your Maze usability tests

Define learning goals

  • What exactly am I trying to validate?
  • What behaviour do I expect users to have when completing this test?
  • What knowledge gaps do I have that I could learn more from users completing this test?
  • How in-depth do insights need to be so that I can iterate the solution? (basically, do you need to ask additional questions or not)

Identifying user groups

  • Knowing their role gives you insights into their daily tasks and responsibilities, giving you additional knowledge and context when analysing your test results. Two users with different roles within a business might not have the same needs when completing the same action.
  • While Maze users are anonymous, knowing the name of the people who participated can help you reach out to a specific person if you have follow up questions to specific users.

Build up the test and share context

Conditions feature in Maze

Always ask additional questions

  • How difficult was it completing this flow?
Opinion scale with labels for more guidance
  • What did you like about the flow you just completed?
Open questions let users format answers however works best for them
  • What do you think could be improved? Why?
Open question and additional notes to focus user feedback

Eliminate order bias to improve insights quality

Eliminate order bias with the shuffle toggle

Let users share in-depth insights

  • Using the `other` option input to allow users to enter a custom answer to a single or multi-select question
  • Us the open question format and ask well defined questions
‘Other’ option on for in-depth insights




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Memona Madi

Memona Madi

Product Design at Degreed

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